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Why should I use The Separation Guide’s Q&A?

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Mediator and Barrister Jack Whelan explains how The Separation Guide’s Q&A can help guide you through the separation and divorce maze.


The Separation Guide aims to make separation and divorce simpler, more manageable and less stressful. To find out more about how one of our Network Members could support your separation, take our free 3-minute Q&A.

The information in our resources is general only. Consider getting in touch with a professional adviser if you need support with your legal, financial or wellbeing needs.

Video Transcript: Why should I use The Separation Guide’s Q&A?


G’day, it’s Jack from the Separation Guide here. On our website, we have an interactive Q&A which is helping a lot of people. The feedback that we’re getting is terrific. I’ll give you an example.

Jane from Queensland, and obviously the names have been changed to protect confidentiality.

Jane made the point that prior to discovering The Separation Guide, she spent about six months trying to understand the system, trying to understand what the best process was for her and also for her family.

Spending five minutes in the Separation Guide Q&A and then taking up the chance to have a consultation with one of our Mediators and Lawyers.

The Separation Guide has Mediators and Lawyers, which is very, very important.

By the end of that, she said, ‘I finally understand what is the best process for me,’ and in an email to me, made the point that if only she had discovered The Separation Guide six months ago, she would have saved a lot of time and money and stress.

So the message from people all over Australia is, give the Separation Guide Q&A a go. It really helps.

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