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169,313 People helped

The Separation Guide has helped thousands of people going through divorce and separation. We are an information hub providing resources, guidance and referrals to experts in the network.

When you become part of the network you:

connect with a pre-qualified audience of people needing your expertise
showcase your organisation's services and grow your practice
build a cross-disciplinary network to support your clients

What our Network Members are saying about The Separation Guide

The value that The Separation Guide brings to me: 1) Huge number of leads 2) Good people to work with 3) They give great customer service 4) The systems and processes are really well set up 5) The big picture vision is really good, values aligned to mine
Andrew Wilson Mediator
The association with The Separation Guide has been very beneficial, as their approach to the Family Law process aligns very strongly with my own ideals. The other Network Members have allowed us to broaden our collaboration with service providers who can provide the support services to our clients for mediation and dispute resolution as well as financial advice.
Chris Lapointe Lapointe Family Law
The Separation Guide adds value to the clients through their education process. When clients come for their first meeting with me they already have some understanding of the process they are engaging in. This means we are better able to give tailored advice. The education provided through The Separation Guide makes the client onboarding process more efficient.
Kayte Lewis Voice Law

The starting point for better separation

The Separation Guide Q&A is the only separation and divorce tool that educates, triages and connects. We help people find the service providers they need, in a location and time that suits them.
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Join the Network
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Step 4 Start Receiving New Briefs Client bookings direct in your diary
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Step 5 Collaborate with Other Providers Work with other members in The Network
Support your clients legal, financial and psychological needs
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Step 6 Measure your Impact Reporting dashboard with clients, bookings and fees
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Who's in the network

Members of the network are located across Australia, servicing clients in face-to-face meetings and online. This cross-disciplinary approach to divorce and separation is proven to result in faster, less costly outcomes where all parties are focused on keeping the matter out of the Court.
Our network of advisors includes:

Our network of advisors includes:

  • Mediators
  • Lawyers
  • Financial Advisors
  • Accountants
  • Psychologists
  • Counsellors
  • Immigration Advisors
  • Property Consultants
  • Mortgage Brokers
  • Real Estate Agents

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If you share our values, have a family law practice, accounting firm, financial services practice, mortgage brokering firm, real estate agency, or psychology practice, we’d like to hear from you.

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